Mitchelton Bakehouse, Mitchelton

Where: Mitchelton Bakehouse, Blackwood Street, Mitchelton, QLD

For: Breakfast

What: Plain Mince Pie

Cost: $4.20

Plain Mince Pie, Mitchelton Bakehouse (Photo by the Author)

The Review:

Mitchelton Bakehouse is a new bakery that opened in Mitchelton (in the inner north west of Brisbane) today and, being a local and a lover of a pies, I could not resist checking it out.

I have long been a fan of meat pies and for a long time searched for Brisbane’s Best Pie (check out if you are looking for a pie recommendation in Brisbane) and quipped upon the first bite of the pie I ate “Shit this is a good pie!”

What was it about this pie that made it so good? I thought I would apply the same metrics to this pie as I did when looking for Brisbane’s best.

Taste: This was a hearty pie that tasted quite meaty with a touch of pepper.

Meat and Gravy: The gravy in this pie was thick and mixed well with the mince. The mince was abundant and had been very finely minced.

Pastry: The Mitchelton Bakehouse plain meat pie’s best element was its pastry. A light and flaky lid of the pie was complimented perfectly by a well cooked base which did not break up during eating.

Temperature: The temperature of this pie was perfect. It was easy to eat (it did not burn the skin from the roof of the mouth).

Size: This was a largish pie.

On the Side:

I paired the plain meat pie from Mitchelton Bakehouse with a vanilla slice. It was excellent.

Will I be back?

I live in the neighbourhood and always seek to enjoy local businesses where possible so it is a given that I will be back. Equally, given how good this pie was, I would have been prepared to travel some distance for another visit!

The Final Word

By any measure this was a good pie. All of the elements were spot on. The vanilla slice I had with it was also spot on. I am looking forward to getting back to Mitchelton Bakehouse to test out the other pies on the menu as well as the other bakery products sold. It is a winner!

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