The Woods Bar Redux: When one plate of fried pickles isn’t enough!

Last week I reviewed lunch at the Woods Bar in Mitchelton (the review is here and I wrote that I absolutely would be back. Today I went back!

I am not going to do an “update” or “redux” review every time I revisit a venue but had to write about this experience simple because it was so good … again!

This time we ordered everything the same as the lunch reviewed save that the Cajun cauliflower Koftas were replaced with the pork belly bites. The other thing we did differently was order two plates of fried pickles.

Commenting on the second difference first: the only explanation needed is the fried pickles are the best thing I have eaten since I have been writing this blog. I will be back to the Woods Bar if only to have more fried pickles.

The pork belly bites, which came with a sherry glaze, were outstanding. So good were they that they did not last long enough for me to get a photo. The pork was cooked perfectly and the glaze sticky whilst being a spot on accompaniment.

If anything this visit to the Woods Bar only solidified my view that this bar, if it is not already, is about to become the next “big thing” in Brisbane’s north side. Get around it people!

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