New Farm Deli

Where: New Farm Deli (900 Brunswick Street, New Farm, Qld)

For: Lunch

What: Spaghetti All’ Ameriticiana

From the Menu: Diced Bacon, Napoli Sauce, Red Wine and Chilli (best served with spaghetti which I had)

Cost: $16.50

Spaghetti All’ Ameriticiana, New Farm Deli (Photo by the author)

The Review:

I have long been a fan of New Farm Deli both for its exceptional food and, as the name suggests, it’s deli counter. A regular breakfast haunt, this week I had lunch at this venue and it did not disappoint.

My “go to” pasta dish has long been an Ameriticiana sauce done with spaghetti (or any other type of long pasta), so, it being lunch, there was only one choice for me to make from the menu.

This was a wonderful example of my favourite dish. The bacon was very well cooked and slightly crispy. The Napoli sauce was smooth with a strong tomato flavour and just enough chilli to “clear the sinuses”. The spaghetti was cooked perfectly.

It is fitting that my first review on “What I ate this week” is from one of my favourite dining venues in Brisbane and it definitely did not disappoint. I can not fault this dish!

On the side:

I paired this dish with an iced long black which, to be expected given how good this venue is, was spot on.

Will I be back?

Yes: probably next week!!!

The Last Word

Brisvegans and visitors to Queensland capital, if you haven’t been to New Farm Deli yet you need to make your way there without delay. It is a Brisbane institution and a must try (and repeat).

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