Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co, Indooroopilly

Where: Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co at Indooroopilly Shoppingtown

For: Lunch

What: Spicy Chicken Burger

From the menu: Southern fried chicken, bacon, pickles, 
lettuce, tomato, cheese, Sriracha mayo

Cost: $15

Spicy Chicken Burger and Onion Rings, Betty’s Burgers (photo by author)

The Review:

There are few flavours I enjoy more than chicken with a bit of a kick either from chilli or other spice. That being the case the Spicy Chicken burger was my choice on this visit to Betty’s Burgers. As is my usual practice I ordered it without the tomato.

I have to confess I was a little disappointed with this burger. I like spicy food. Indeed the spicier the food the better for me. Unfortunately I did not find this burger to be all that spicy. The sriracha mayo was not without taste but it needed more sriracha than mayo to be to my liking.

Other than the lack of spice this was actually a very nice burger. The chicken was well cooked and tasted great. The bacon was the perfect accompaniment and was crispy. The salad was fresh and the bun toasted just enough to stay together well during the eating of the burger.

On the side:

I paired the spicy chicken burger with onion rings ($6) and a chocolate peanut butter thickshake ($8). I would have no problem recommending either side. Both were spot on!

Will I be back:

I have to confess that I have had a better burger than the burger tested but the experience of eating at Betty’s was good enough to warrant a return trip.

The Last Word:

As I said in the review, this was actually a very nice but I was left a little disappointed that the burger was not spicy as advertised. I appreciate that this is a personal taste and if you didn’t like a lot of spice this burger could well be for you however it needed more spice to be a hit for me. The onion rings and the thickshake I had were great though which made the whole dining experience quite agreeable.